Over the course of human history the most creative and transformational artists tend to share one common trait. They have overcome some tragic circumstances and come from humble beginnings. As a young teenager, Stefani Jae has endured her share of trials and tribulations which mixed with her stereotypical middle-class upbringing have cultivated a promising new creative force.

When she was four-years-old, Stefani was diagnosed with Leukemia and spent two-and-a-half years enduring chemotherapy treatment. Ten years later, there are some residual effects from the disease and treatment but she is strong in body and spirit and pursues life and adventure with an intense passion.

While most artists generally focus on one discipline, Stefani’s diversity of talent touches the traditional artistic genres of music, dance, theater and comedy but also extends into clothing design, toys and even science. As an eight-grader, she won first place in her science fair by building a small vending machine out of cardboard.

The last few years, Stefani has performed with a competitive dance company and now she’s ready to stretch her creative muscles in theater and music. She recently started writing and will be entering the recording studio as soon as possible.

Like most true artists, Stefani simply sees the world differently from the rest of the world and this is one of her greatest attributes.

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